Causes I Believe In

Updating the world calendar

Simply put: we need a calendar that respects all humans, all cultures, beliefs and religions. A calendar that shows humanities true history and big achievements. Current Gregorian calendar cuts more than 80% of human civilization to a modest 2000 years and something. For example the Chinese calendar dates back more than 4700 years, while the Egyptian one is more than 5000 years old, and the Circassian calendar is more than 6200 years old.

What will we gain – The advantage?  

By doing this we will have a wider and broader understanding and more respect for ourselves and for our history as humans. Because how we see history now underplays thousands of years of human civilization. Fortunately a solution is proposed to use what is called the “Holocene calendar” Which adds 10.000 years to our current calendar. The motivation behind this is due to the belief that human civilization have arisen within this time (e.g. the first settlements, agriculture, etc.)

Also I believe we need to dig deeper and to do more research, because who knowns we might find something more interesting. And until we do so we need to agree on updating the current one. For more information please check the links below: